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Brain Integration Technique

Using neuroscience, physiology, applied kinesiology, acupressure points, brain integration is an alternative therapy that improves the flow of electrical information in the brain with no drugs or surgery. By optimizing brain function, a brain can work at its maximum potential.

During the free assessment, I explain it clearly how it works, and actually show you what I do, as I figure out what is going on in your brain.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has been around for decades. I can explain how it works and share results that I've seen. It's now used my therapists and counselors around the country. I was trained by Gary Craig, it's creator, and the author of The EFT Manual.

Life Hacks

Along the way, I have found multiple ways to make one's life better. It all starts, though, with making sure your brain is working at 100%. Read my story in the blog section, then give me a call. I really can help you!

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